EFCOG Enforcement Coordination Working Group

Spring 2013 Meeting Cancelled

April 25, 2013

 Updated 03/22/13

The Office of Enforcement and Oversight has decided to postpone their portion of the scheduled April meeting in Albuquerque until the first quarter of FY 2014. Accordingly, the EFCOG Enforcement Coordination Working Group meeting scheduled in conjunction with the OEO meeting is CANCELLED. Sequestration and budget actions have caused a significant reduction in the planned attendance at the OEO meeting making DOE justification difficult. The Office of Health, Safety and Security is expected to address this action formally with your management. We regret taking this action at this late date. If you have any questions, please call Craig Anderson at (509) 373-0856.

EFCOG Enforcement Coordination Working Group Contacts

Conard L. Stair, Co-Chair

PAAA Program Manager BWXT Y-12
PO Box 2009
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
Phone: 865-576-8081
Fax: 865-241-0640

Craig Anderson , Co-Chair
Director of Quality Assurance and Enforcement Coordinator
Mission Support Alliance, LLC
P.O. Box 650, MSIN H1-23
Richland, WA 99352
Phone: 509-373-0856
Fax: 509-376-1962
E-mail: Craig_E_Anderson@rl.gov