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Welcome to the Environmental Safety & Health Working Group's Industrial Hygiene/ Industrial Safety Subgroup's section of the Energy Facility Contractors Group's Knowledge Portal.

The purpose of this Knowledge Portal is to provide a vehicle to allow members of the Industrial Hygiene/Industrial Safety community to keep abreast of the latest Industrial Hygiene/Industrial Safety related news, issues, and events across the DOE complex; for the sharing of innovative ideas and practices; and to collaborate virtually on the development and implementation of new Industrial Hygiene/Industrial Safety practices and processes. 

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Dina M. Siegel, Chair

Technical Advisor

Los Alamos National Laboratory


MS D421

Los Alamos, NM  87545

Phone - 505-665-2977

E-mail -

Philip Coretti, Vice Chair

Vice-President EHSQS

Energy Solutions, Government Group

2304 Middleton Ct.

Augusta, GA 30909

Phone: 803-450-3749



Mark Haskew, Secretary
Industrial Hygienist/Safety Engineer

Consolidated Nuclear Security Y-12 National Security Complex

PO Box 2009

Oak Ridge, TN 37831-8104

Phone: 865-576-8588