The USQ course is designed to provide personnel with an understanding of the background and requirements of the Unreviewed Safety Question (DOE O 5480.21) and how the process is implemented at their site. The course is a combination of interactive lecture, case study workshop, and trainee participation. There is a qualifying exam. There are handout materials (slides, case studies, DOE-HQ clarification documents, etc). Trainees will practice on case studies that draw on actual activities/occurrences around the complex.


  1.   Identify the purpose of: USQ process, USQ screening
  2.   Describe DOE rule-making process from the perspective of USQs (PAAA liability)
  3.   State the scope of USQ process
  4.   Identify the documents that mandate USQ
  5.   Specify relationship between "SAR" and "safety analysis" as used in DOE 5480.21
  6.   Describe the difference between safety document "upgrades" and "updates"
  7.   Define the following terms: Non-reactor nuclear facility, Hazard, Risk, Authorization basis,
         Design basis, Important to safety.
  8.   Identify the factors that increase risk
  9.   Identify and apply the USQ Acceptance Criteria
  10.   Identify the program requirements for the USQ process:
  1.   Identify requirements for resolution of a potential inadequacy in a previous analysis.
  2.   Describe how to use the "backward-looking" USQ process
  3.   Given a scenario, calculate the Margin of Safety


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